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Guarani with Duolingo

Complementary remarks on Duolingo’s Guarani course. Some examples of Guarani / Jopara differences.

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Plany na Izrael

Jedną z niewykorzystanych okazji, jaką dawał mi długi pobyt w Iranie, było bliższe zapoznanie się z tamtejszym zróżnicowaniem językowym. Wprawdzie dowiedziałem się tego-owego-nowego o gilaki, różnych odmianach kurdyjskiego, czy isfahańskim perskim, ale w porównaniu do tego, co być mogło – … Continue reading

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Future directions

More detailed account of my plans of site upgrade mentioned in the next-to-last post. Where do I (we) start from?

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Mergers (and acquisitions)

Just a quick note to put y’all up to date with my thinking about this blog and my pages in general.

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October update

Long time, no see, huh? Well, I’m still alive, have just replied to the rare non-spambot comments and thought that I could share what is and, hopefully, will be happening: 1. My online courses schedule has eased up a bit, which frees up more time … Continue reading

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I’ve just finished reading “Civilizations” by Fernandez-Armesto (a bit disappointing book, but not a bad one – my expectations had been set high) and so it’s only one more to go (Game Theory 101) before I’m allowed to buy a … Continue reading

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On air again

Hello there! It’s 1st of June today and, as promised, I am back to posting. Contrary to what I had said, the site has not moved to Drupal (you will have to wait longer for this – September, maybe?). There … Continue reading

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Another announcement – back on June 1

You may have noticed the sudden freeze of this blog’s activity. I’m on my holidays now – which contrary to naive expectations always means having less free time – and on top of that the wonderful KhanAcademy is eating up … Continue reading

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Nowruz resolutions

As it’s high time to trim the distractions and focus on only a couple of linguistic priorities, a changed to-do list follows.

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Learning Turkish now.

I started to learn Turkish in Tehran’s recently opened Yunus Emre Cultural Center. An interesting institution and a decent course. Not without its problems, though.

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