Plany na Izrael

Jedną z niewykorzystanych okazji, jaką dawał mi długi pobyt w Iranie, było bliższe zapoznanie się z tamtejszym zróżnicowaniem językowym. Wprawdzie dowiedziałem się tego-owego-nowego o gilaki, różnych odmianach kurdyjskiego, czy isfahańskim perskim, ale w porównaniu do tego, co być mogło – to mało.

Tu stawiam sobie cele skromne, ale -mam nadzieję- bardziej realistyczne, a mianowicie … dowiedzieć się czegoś (i coś napisać) o dwóch spośród wielu używanych w Izraelu języków.

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October update

Long time, no see, huh? Well, I’m still alive, have just replied to the rare non-spambot comments and thought that I could share what is and, hopefully, will be happening:

1. My online courses schedule has eased up a bit, which frees up more time for language learning. By the way, if you still haven’t participated in a MOOC, give it a try. It can be really, really rewarding, eye-opening even. I have a half-done piece summing up my experiences thus far and I should be able to post it here sometime soonish.

2. In another doomed attempt to fight boredom and actually learn a new language to a useful degree (like most language afficionados / nerds I have been pathetically unsuccesfull in actual learning) I have started to teach myself Malay (with inevitable excursions into Indonesian). Very interesting language(s), and certainly not as easy as short descriptions of grammatical features (no inflection, no declension etc.) make you think. Expect further updates on that.

3. I know I am saying this for the umpteenth time right now, but there really will be an almost complete overhaul of my websites. Dunno when, but I’ll make ’em more focused, better organised and prettier than ever before, promise.


I’ve just finished reading “Civilizations” by Fernandez-Armesto (a bit disappointing book, but not a bad one – my expectations had been set high) and so it’s only one more to go (Game Theory 101) before I’m allowed to buy a new book for my Kindle.

The hard question is: which one to buy? You can help me by taking a look at my wishlist and telling me what would be your preferred choice. Needless to say, mine will probably be different 🙂