Polyglotic plans

This page serves as a listing of light-weight content, such as language learning plans and writing exercises.

1. Languages and goals

I’m trying to learn three at the moment, one from each of the following categories: global (ie. a language of global importance), regional (my focus has always been on the broader Middle East – Caucasus and Central Asia included) and peripheral/personal (returing to past attempts of learning rare, small, odd languages).

Here they are, along with goals for 2015

Global: French – passing C1 exam in summer, writing 2-3 essays on “Iran as an archipelago” by autumn, active fluency by winter

Regional: Hebrew – reading news by summer, using it actively in professional contacts by winter

Peripheral: Irish – reading “An Béal Bocht”; having a decent conversation with the next Irish priest I meet;

2. Writing in tongues

Me writing in different languages to exercise and annoy. Not much here at the moment, but it will expand explosively, I promise.


I always talk about myself

As gaeilge:

My bit of Irish…and why I’m not happy with it.

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