This morning’s acquisition – a Kurdish grammar

Today I bought a book, which is an uncommon thing to happen. I have so many unread books on my shelves and in my folders, that I rarely see the point in buying new ones. But this particular book is definitely worth it:

… if you are a language buff, that is. The title is “Gramatyka kurdyjska Sorani. Wariant używany w Erbilu” [Sorani Kurdish grammar. Variant used in Erbil] and it’s a joint effort of Andrzej Pisowicz (one of my heroes!), Andrzej Bartczak and Farhang Muthafar Mohammad. Here it is on the publisher’s website.

It’s a learners’ grammar, arranged in short lesson-type chapters accompanied with exercises and sample texts. There is also an Audio CD with recordings of some of the material.

Just to tease you more (or maybe nudge you into studying Kurdish in Poland?) – two of the top-tier Polish universities: Uniwersytet Jagielloński in Kraków and Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza in Poznań, have centers for Kurdish Studies.


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  1. Many thanks for posting this. I’ve long had an interest in Sorani, but materials for studying it are quite limited. As soon as I saw this entry, I went and ordered the book. (Now I have to learn a bit of Polish…) But your description of the short, lesson-type chapters with exercises and sample texts, gave me the idea that, since I know Kurmanji, I may be able to use it even without a knowledge of Polish.

    So thank you very much!

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