Numerals in Lezgi

 Cardinal numerals
Numbers from 0 to 19 are as follows:

ноль zero цIуд ten
сад one цIусад eleven
кьвед two цIикьвед twelve
пуд three цIипуд thirteen
кьуд four цIикьуд fourteen
вад five цIувад fifteen
ругуд six цIуругуд sixteen
ирид seven цIерид seventeen
муьжуьд eight цIемуьжуьд eighteen
кIуьд nine цIекIуьд nineteen

All you will need to count up to one hundred:

къад twenty яхцIур forty
пудкъад sixty (3 * 20) кьудкъад eighty (4 * 20)

The last two

виш hundred агьзур thousand

How does this system work ?
With numbers up to twenty counting anything in Lezgi is very very simple, you simply put a given number before a noun (if need be) and that's it. The noun remains in singular (пуд гада - literally "three boy") and everything is ok. A small thing to remember - "сад" and "кьвед" lose their "д"'s when used before nouns. Thus we say - кьве гада "two boys"
Above twenty it may be a little bit unusual to you as the Lezgi numerals similarly to the French ones, are based on the vigesimal system in which "20" not "10" is the base number. "Twenty" in Lezgi is "къад", and higher numbers are formed by adding the suffix -ни to the word (which becomes "къанни" - the same change occurs in пудкъад and кьудкъад) and putting the remaining number afterwards. This way 24 for instance is къанни кьуд "20 and 4" and 37 къанни цIерид "20 and 17".
Numbers over 40 are formed similarly ( яхцIур becomes яхцIурни) .60 and 80 are treated likewise.
For numbers over 100 we just put a number of hundreds then (if need be) the word with a suffix, then the remaining number 659 is thus ругуд вишни яхцIурни цIекIуьд
Same procedure follows for 1000, too... 1989 is агьзурни кIуьд вишни кьудкъанни кIуьд in Lezgi

 Ordinal numerals 

These are formed in a pretty straightforward manner in Lezgi. You just add the word лагьай (meaning 'said') to the cardinal (ie. normal) number and that's it, with no fancy changes. To give you some examples. "сад лагьай" means 'first', "кьвед лагьай" means 'second', "яхцIур лагьай" - guess what ? - 'the fourtieth. Easy, ain't it ?

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