Lezgi with ANKI

Elsewhere I am talking about ways to use a flashcard program ANKI to help with language learning (what it does is basically it shows you a word and you have to remember its translation correctly; it is a great help in remembering; you can download it for free from here).

Now, the main news is that ANKI lets you share your collections (“decks”) of words & translations with other people, which is precisely what I did with my Lezgi deck. To get it, first download and install ANKI program, then open it, click “Download” and search for “lezgi-english” in the list of the available shared decks. All in all there’s around 1600 words in my deck, but I will be updating and expanding it.

2 thoughts on “Lezgi with ANKI

  1. İ tried it and no doubt it’s useful but demands being fair as my hand persistently wanted to push the variant “I know this word” even if it isn’t true=)

  2. Yes, it’s very tempting to cheat a little bit. But if you do it, you just won’t learn much.

    This shows that ANKI is usefule not only for language learning, but also for improving discipline, honesty and willpower :)

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